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Welcome: The online presence of the Irish Open International a WAKO World Cup and WAKO World Series Event.

The Irish Open is an official WAKO World Cup, (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations), the world governing body for the sport of kickboxing, recognised by the IOC and the IWGA. It is part of the WAKO World Series of events and is an official Kickboxing World Cup. The event itself is run by an elected volunteer committee for the benefit of a registered Irish Charity the ISPCC. It is an annual kickboxing event run each year in the beginning of March.


The event has become the largest and most prestigious Kickboxing tournament in the world today running over four days, in Citywest Hotel and Conference Centre, Saggart, Co Dublin. The Kickboxing styles of Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact, K1 Rules and Musical Forms are carried out over the four days of inspirational kickboxing, with all proceeds raised being annually donated to the ISPCC a registered Irish Charity.


We hope you find our website informative on the largest Kickboxing World Cup in the world today, we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate contacting us. The Irish Open International is run by fighters and athletes for Fighters and Athletes for a designated charity. We are proud of our event and its continued evolution and success in the world of WAKO and the sport of Kickboxing which we all love.


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2020 Schedule

  • Sunday, 1 September 2021

    • Online registration goes live. Registration is restricted to the first 4,000 entries, registered and PAID ONLINE.
    • Registrations WILL NOT be pushed through without pre-payment.
    • The Irish Open is a World Cup and therefore we can not say for certainty the running order until registration closes. Therefore, we strongly advise all Athletes and coaches to book themselves in for the full weekend. As the timetable will 100% change as we get closer to the event.

  • Saturday, 19 February 2022

    • Online Registration Closes (If limit reached)

  • Thursday 4 March 2022

    • 8pm – 10.30pm: International Masters fighting Seminars (Ring & Tatami) / JPM USA Forms team Seminar (Trix-Weapons-Forms)
    • 10am – 10.30pm: Competitor Registration ALL

  • Friday, 5th March 2022

    • 9am – 12pm: Competitor Registration ALL
    • 11am – 1pm: Full Contact Fighter Medical Check (Mandatory)
    • 1pm: Draft Adult Draw (Friday) sheets issued.
    • 2pm – 9pm: All Team Events (Fighting + Forms)
      Men (4 man) €1,000 / Women (3 woman) €1,000 / Junior (3 boy & 1 girl) €250 / Cadet (3 boy & 1 girl) €250 / Younger Cadet (3 boy & 1 girl) €250 /
      All Form Team Events (Adult / Junior / Cadet)
    • 2pm – 9pm: Full & K1 Eliminations (2 rings)
    • 2pm – 9pm: Light Contact Eliminations (10 Areas) up to Quarter / Semi Final (Includes Cadet and Junior Light Contact)
    • 8pm: Draft Draw sheets issued for Saturday and Sunday
    • 8pm – 9pm: Change table open for all proposed changes
    • Note it is the responsibility of the coach to review their competitors and ensure they are in the correct divisions/category. No changes after this time will be made for the entire weekend.

  • Saturday, 6th March 2022

    • Note: Any changes or omissions to draws must be made previous evening it is the responsibility of the coach to check the online system
    • 9am – 6pm: All remaining Light Contact fights (4 areas) / All adult advanced Point Fighting (12 areas) / All junior advanced Point Fighting (8 areas)
      Cadet-Junior Forms-Weapons-Trix / Full and K1 Eliminations (Full Contact & K1 will continue into Sunday, all day)
    • 7pm – 11pm: Irish Open Night of Champions
      4 Point Fighting / 2 Full Contact / 2 K1 / 2 Light Contact / Forms Tricks battle *Cash Prize €250*

  • Sunday, 7 March 2022

    • Note: No changes to published sheets
    • 9am: All pee wee Point Fighting / All younger cadet Point Fighting / All older cadet Point Fighting / Adult Forms & Weapons / Full & K1 Finals / Veterans Divisions
    • Male & Female Grand Champion: Win Grand Champion & Own Division €1,000 / Win Grand Champion Only €500
    • Junior Male & Female Grand Champion: Win Grand Champion & Own Division €250 / Win Grand Champion Only €125
    • 10pm: Legendary Irish Open After Party



Follow to ensure you receive the appropriate support in the appropriate time frame to gain access in to Ireland to attend the Irish Open International.

Step 1

Register your athletes, officials and referees on sports data (Go to the registration page on this website) and pay for said entries.

Step 2

Receive a letter of authority and approval from your WAKO recognised National Governing Body of Kickboxing in your respective country

Step 3

Book and pay your deposit at a respective Hotel

Step 4

Send an e mail to irishopen@gmail.com with the following mandatory documents and evidence.

Note if all documents are not attached, the application for support will NOT be processed.



    • Receipt of payment on Sports Data

    • Letter from WAKO National federation approving attendance

    • Copy of proof of payment of Hotel deposits for the entire stay of Irish Open

    • Name, Date of Birth, Passport Number of every person attending Irish Open

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